About us

About Warrego BullArabs

With 20 years pig hunting experience using BullArabs, we have developed our own personal line, dating back to 1989, with some litters now in their 6th generation.

Breeding, working and living with these dogs over the years has given us terrific enjoyment and satisfaction and showed us the true potential of this dynamic breed. With this we have become dedicated to breeding a consistent line of dogs with an even balance of type, temperament and working ability. To help us achieve this we have sourced stock from several original bloodlines, from respected breeders throughout Queensland.

Based in South West Queensland, all our dogs are worked full time on a professional basis (part time in the case of some breeding females) and are looked after by an enthusiastic family team.

Working alongside these dogs, day in day out, has proven their ability is second to none. They are an effective and efficient breed and we would recommend these dogs to anyone wanting to hunt pigs professionally or recreationally.

We hope you enjoy looking through our site and are able to share our passionate view on a remarkable working breed.