Here at Warrego Bullarabs, we work our dogs on a fulltime professional basis.

As all our pigs are harvested commercially, we only use and breed efficient, managable, clean hanging dogs.  We hunt many different varieties of terrain, with the bulk of our dogs being short to medium range finders.  Our dogs are always enjoyable to work with, they are very athletic, travel well and hunt with plenty of head and heart.

Here’s a collection of photos we’d like to share of some of our hunting adventures.


[img src=]77180
[img src=]53030
[img src=]46450
[img src=]39760
[img src=]36050
[img src=]34110
[img src=]34260
[img src=]28840
[img src=]29140
[img src=]26110
[img src=]37970
[img src=]30490
[img src=]31030
[img src=]27090
[img src=]23780
[img src=]26450
[img src=]24160
[img src=]22540
[img src=]26430
[img src=]22330
[img src=]25140
[img src=]20390
[img src=]23580
[img src=]20810
[img src=]19260
[img src=]19070
[img src=]18160
[img src=]21190
[img src=]19450
[img src=]19360
[img src=]18140
[img src=]17330
[img src=]16840
[img src=]20890
[img src=]27120
[img src=]18180
[img src=]16860
[img src=]17770



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